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Thanks to the great Marine Science Program team!

Please contact us with any questions or if you have information to share.

Dr. Isobel Pearsall
Director, PSF Marine Science Program
Dr. Nicole Christiansen
Program Coordinator, PSF Marine Science Program
Sam James
Biologist, Hatchery Effectiveness Project
Collin Middleton
Biologist and Project Manager, Bottlenecks to Survival Project
Nicole Frederickson
Project Manager, Citizen Science Oceanography Program
Svetlana Esenkulova
Svetlana Esenkulova
Phytoplankton Taxonomist, Citizen Science Oceanography Program
Ben Skinner
Ben Skinner
GIS Specialist, Strait of Georgia Data Centre
Terry Curran
Geospatial Analyst, Strait of Georgia Data Centre
Kyla Sheehan
Biologist and Project Manager, Green Shores for Salmon Project
Maria Catanzaro
Biologist, Nearshore and Estuary Projects
Dr. Andrew Bateman
Manager, Salmon Ecological Health
Emiliano DiCicco
Dr. Emiliano DiCicco
Fish Health Researcher, Salmon Ecological Health
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