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Reports and products from the Hatchery Effectiveness Review project will be posted and freely available on this page. There are multiple components covering the following topics (completed to date):

Evaluation of salmon hatchery release strategies:

  1. A systematic review of the literature on hatchery releases strategies of salmonids in BC and the western United States.
  2. Overarching final report: Scientific review of hatchery release strategies in BC.

The second report is a synthesis of two more in-depth reports: (1) an evaluation of experimental hatchery releases of coded wire-tagged Chinook and Coho and (2) a comprehensive analysis of release strategy effects on survival and return ages of Chinook and Coho in BC from 1972 to 2018. These individual reports are not currently publicly available, however, can be requested by contacting

Review of ‘Omics’ technologies and applications for salmon hatcheries:

  1. A review of ‘Omics’ technologies: genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics – background and opportunities for salmon hatcheries.
  2. An accessible handbook of the applications of ‘Omics’ technologies for the salmon enhancement program.

Hatchery-Wild Interactions Systematic Literature Review

Applications of 'Omics' Technologies in the Salmon Enhancement Program

Hatchery Release Strategies Review: Data Summary Report

Genetics and 'Omics' Technologies Review for Salmon Hatcheries

Systematic Literature Review of Pacific Salmon Hatchery Release Strategies in Canada and the United States

Scientific Review of Hatchery Release Strategies in BC: Final Report

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